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A Journey Through Difficulties

2 years ago

765 words

  Throughout history, many Africans expressed and physically showed the hardships they faced through slave trade. They endured labor-intensive work in plantations and also worked for other people. These struggles have been documented through pictures and works of literature that attempt to make it to the surface of the untold truth. After countless of suffering…

Whipping: A Physical Punishment of Slaves

2 years ago

601 words

The archive at the University of Virginia for the Humanities, “Slavery Images”, displays an illustration entitled, “The Public Whipping of a Slave in Brazil in the 1830’s”. The picture shows the most striking feature of a male slave, stripped of his clothing, and tied to a post or stake in the middle of the town’s…

Phillis Wheatley and Frederick Douglas: The Religious and Political Slaves

2 years ago

1174 words

English Literature II                                                                                                    ENG 302 Prof. Gabrielle Kappes Pamela Vargas March 26, 2018     The transatlantic slave trade contributed to the development of the United States, and ultimately, to its political shifts from the 17th century to the 19th century. Notable activists such as Phillis Wheatley and Frederick Douglas were victims of the transatlantic…

A Sisyphean Undertaking: Slave Resistance and Revolts

2 years ago

741 words

Stephanie Saffore ENG 302- Prof. Kappes 3/26/18   A Sisyphean Undertaking: Slave Resistance and Revolts     Aphra Behn’s novella Oroonoko, tells the tale of a young prince that, like so many before him, was tricked into slavery. Despite this manipulation however, Oroonoko takes an extremely passive role in his capture, as well as most…

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